In any organisation, there are multiple changes that take place in their IT environment.

Some of these changes can go by unnoticed, severely affecting the efficiency of how the infrastructure operates. Tasks such as identifying the root cause of incidents, recovering from outages, and improving the meantime to restore (MTTR) can be difficult to manage if a correct approach is not applied.

Some of the common problems include:

  • Hidden changes take place, as they are located in multiple data silos.
  • Unable to determine which changes to an IT infrastructure are validated and authorised.
  • Security concerns for organisations due to unauthorised changes.
  • Difficulty determining the true impact of changes made to an IT infrastructure.
  • Increased costs, due to the lack of visibility.

Do these problems seem familiar in your organisation?

With ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer you can now effectively manage and monitor IT infrastructure changes in your organisation.


ManageEngine AssetExplorer enhances the potential and efficiency of your organisation by achieving service excellence. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) function in AssetExplorer is an effective decision-making tool. It plays a critical role in impact analysis and root cause determination.

CMDB is a centralised repository that stores information on all significant Configuration Items (CI) in your IT environment. With CMDB, you can now successfully manage your IT infrastructure by ensuring your organisation maintains and supports their CIs successfully.

Successful implementation of CMDB comes with the following benefits:

  • Track all your CIs and their details in a centralised repository.
  • By defining CI relationships, the impact caused by a CI on other CIs can be analysed to determine the impact and help determine appropriate measures to eliminate the issue.
  • Track CIs deployed by their organisation, through their entire lifecycle.
  • Obtain detailed insights of CI information, to help achieve successful decision making when making changes to the IT infrastructure.
  • Identify possible vulnerabilities CIs may encounter to achieve successful risk management.

If you would like to know more about AssetExplorer, and how you can achieve these benefits, please reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at