3CX is well known for their frequent service pack updates. They enrich the functionality and features of their PBX system. On occasion these updates are substantial enough that it changes the underlying infrastructure of the system – a PBX as feature-rich as 3CX has a lot of moving parts. We are currently on the Beta for the latest update that is coming down the pipes soon. All customers under current maintenance and active subscriptions are entitled to the update.

When released, the update will require a new mobile app to use 3CX on your mobile phone. The new app for iOS and Android adds new video and chat (emoji’s as well!) functionality as well as a UI overhaul which we are very excited to see. This new phone app update is not backward compatible with older versions of 3CX, so the update needs to be planned carefully ahead of time. Existing mobile apps will automatically update when update 3 is released, so users on older 3CX versions need to disable automatic app updates on their mobile phones, if they aren’t planning on moving to the new update immediately.

3CX has created a blog post that details how to disable automatic updates on both iOS and Android phones. The Android workaround is simpler, as individual apps can be set to not automatically update. iOS users however, will need to disable all app updates to make sure that the new client does not install on their phone – if they are using an older version of 3CX. Of course, we recommend updating to the new service pack 3, as it’s had extensive testing to ready it for release. When it is released, updating will take advantage of the new mobile app’s functionality and new 3CX features and enhancements. Upgrading to the latest service pack is very easy with minimal downtime, and can be initiated via the 3CX management console (under the updates tab).

We are excited to see and test the new functionality that will come with 3CX v16 update 3. For any questions in regard to these mobile applications, please feel free to reach out to us.

update 3