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Procurement Service

What ever product your customer needs, Soft Solutions will find it!

Soft Solutions was originally created as a procurement service for resellers. In addition to our distribution activities, we can track down any hardware or software that a customer asks you for, by name or by function, from around the corner or around the world.

Just give us as much detail as you possibly can (product name, who makes it, functionality required, etc), and leave it to the Soft Solutions customer service team to come back to you with everything your customer needs to make a buying decision – and for you to then be able to place the order on us with minimal fuss.

What details are needed when ordering? Do you need a media kit? Maintenance options? How a software product is licensed, or what operating systems are supported?

At Soft Solutions, we make sure we provide the right answer every time. We stand behind our quotes and take full responsibility for any errors that may occur.

If you buy a service contract or software subscription, we will notify you in advance of the expiry date so you can be proactive in getting your customer to renew.

Our price list is available on the web or as a file delivered by e-mail or ftp.

If you …

Don’t know where to find it
Want to save the time looking
Need to know the right answer on how a product is licensed
Don’t want to deal with yet another supplier for a one-off purchase
Find it too hard to buy from overseas
Don’t want to use a credit card overseas

… Then call Soft Solutions!

We will get back to you through phone or email to provide the right answers in a timely and hassle-free manner.

Discover our Procurement Service for yourself!

We’d like to hear from you. Send us an email or better yet, give us a call!

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