Congratulations, it’s been quite a rollercoaster of a year. And you’ve made it. To mark our very last issue for the year, we’ve polled our staff 3 questions (scroll down to check out the team roundup):


1.) What’s the best thing from your year?

2.) What’s the best (tech) thing, you’re forecasting in 5 years’ time?

3.) Any personal remarks?

Alicia Meyers

1. It’s times like this, when I like to look at everything I’m grateful for: the people in my life, the technology that brings us together, despite great distances. When we’re stuck at home, we can still have almost anything we want, delivered to our doorstep.

2. Teleportation devices, definitely! “Beam me up Scotty!”

3. I wish everyone a happy, healthy Christmas. Although things may not be ideal at the moment, we can surely appreciate being far better off than 100 years ago – when the Spanish flu swept through the world. Be safe and enjoy this holiday season.

Arsh Singh

1. 2021 has been a rollercoaster! We constantly change our lifestyles because our world is always changing around us. In 2021, I learnt that I’m able to adapt to changes quite well in order to suit new situations. Whether it’s going in and out of lockdown or always being on the road. Similarly, our partners have been grinding really hard to make sure their customer’s needs are met regardless of the lockdown/traffic light level.

2. In 5 years, I believe we all will be more comfortable around the concept of paying for everyday items with crypto currency. I’m also looking forward to VR to join our work toolset, and help us deliver a variety of services to each other.

3. Lockdown has not been an easy challenge for us all. So, enjoy a glass of wine, relax in the summer sun (it should be out soon) and have a safe and happy holiday!

Chris Fitzgerald

1. Seeing the team here at Soft Solutions grow, not just in number but in their personal growth too.

2. Electric car chargers built under the surface of roads and carparks… okay maybe that’s 50 years in the future.

3. Excited that joining forces with Bluechip Infotech from Australia will bring great new opportunities, in terms of the brands and services we can deliver to the New Zealand reseller community.

Dhruv Patel

1. Frankly, glad it’s coming to an end as it means more freedom for New Zealanders.

2. Finally, NZ businesses are taking cyber security seriously.

3. May this Christmas season help you get drunk enough, to get distracted from the upcoming workload. Merry Christmas to everyone from ManageEngine NZ team!

Jason Gass

team roundup1. Welcoming my second son, Michael! Had to put the training wheels back on for “early-parenthood” but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Grateful also, that the extra time at home allowed me to be a more present Dad.

2. Early pandemic, I read that IBM’s Watson was helping model vaccines for COVID at a rate never seen before. Super interested to see how advancements in technology, will push emerging health treatments into the unchartered.

3. It feels cliché to say “what a year”, so instead I’ll say “we made it!”. For that I’m grateful to my team, our partners and our community for joining us on this wild ride.  Wishing you all, a summer of sunshine, cricket, BBQs, jandals, beaches, family-time and all great things.

Kenny Cheung

team roundup1. I loved catching up with our reseller community this year, whether it was travelling around the country for N-able Hybrid Training / Demo Days, or virtually for StorageCraft Virtual Poker. Our community is a tight-knit one and it’s great to see everyone in high spirits.

2. I’m curious how Facebook’s ‘Meta’ transformation will unfold, even though I’m squarely in the anti-Facebook camp.

3. Wishing all our vendors and everyone in our channel community a safe, joyful holiday season, with all your friends and loved ones! Onwards to 2022!

Kris S

team roundup1. Completing 1600+ client engagements, averaging ~135 conversations/month, assisting our happy clients. On a personal level, my Royal Enfield Cruiser (motorbike) journey #MotoMeditation has started!

2. Machine learning and artificial intelligence’s future role in comprehensive IT management. It should positively impact IT Security, Enterprise Service Management Solutions, Network/Application Monitoring and Management.

3. To a joyful present and a well-remembered past. I take this opportunity to transmit good vibes, peace and harmony, to all who enabled my professional achievements and vision for growth. Best wishes for a happy holiday, and a magnificent 2022 to all our clients.

Megan Twentyman

team roundup1. 2021 has been quite a year. But despite it all on both personal and work fronts, I can still say that it has been a good one. The IT industry is such a fast-moving space to work in – the innovation of solutions evolving so quickly.

2. I’m interested to see Web 3.0 take off in the coming years and how that impacts the technology sector.

3. I’m very proud of how my two daughters have coped with remote online learning and created a new normal routine for themselves. I’ve even managed to complete some of my home renovations throughout the lockdown! On the work front, it’s been a busy time supporting our customers. I value each and every interaction with you all. Bring on 2022 and the new challenges we will face together.

Rainesh Patel

team roundup1. Professionally, it was the chance to present in front of a large partner audience for the first time. Being such a great audience, made the experience a lot easier. I wanted to personally thank all of our N-able / StorageCraft resellers, for their partnership in 2021. I forged strong relationships in the midst of a pandemic, we were all adapting to.

2. In 5 years’ time, I see major uptake in electric vehicles. I sat in my cousin’s Tesla and was shocked at how quick and sleek it was. It offered great features (i.e. Netflix / Spotify via an inbuilt tablet-like dashboard).

3. Christmas is the time I look forward to most, during the year. Summer holidays, BBQs and family time. What could be better? Wishing you a great festive season, and looking forward to hearing how your break went next year.

Shav Sharma

1. 2021 has made us pros at working from home. I learnt that I can still be quite productive in lockdown. Learning to adapt to a pandemic, has not been easy for everyone!

2. I’m hoping in the next 5 years, lockdowns will be a thing of the past and we’ll be able to connect with the world again in-person, instead of virtually.

3. Thank you to our Soft Solutions team, and to all of our partners for the support this year. I hope you make the most of the holiday season with loved ones.

Thomas Voerman

1. Seeing Spiderman ‘No Way Home’ on 16 DEC. But seriously, being able to spend time with so many amazing people – whether they live in NZ or over in AUS/USA.

2. The ability for instant travel around the world, so I can stay connected with all my family.

3. After 2 years of health problems, and the scare of COVID throughout lockdowns – it has been tough mentally and physically. Been lucky to be surrounded by many great friends and co-workers. They helped me keep a sense of sanity over this time – whether it’s sharing a joke at work, or gaming with friends till 4am. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. 2022 will be our year.

Will Lai

team roundup1. 11 days into JAN, baby Kaiden (Kilo) joined the cast of my favourite sitcom – The Willron Show.

2. Decentralisation’s benefits won’t just be understood, 51% of us would’ve adopted.

3. I feel super blessed, on both personal and professional levels. The lockdowns reset my frames of reference – for the better. And for that, I’m eternally grateful for a wee invisible virus called COVID. Make sure you use enough sunscreen!