In the latest build of ServiceDesk Plus, the asset inventory agent is now replaced with a unified agent from its fellow ManageEngine solution, Desktop Central. With ServiceDesk Plus, inventory is now managed via the Desktop Central agent for asset warranty information and Remote Control.

Additionally, new features are also included with the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Remote Access Plus add-on, for ServiceDesk Plus.

The new UEM Remote Access Plus add-on helps IT admins access the asset inventory available with Desktop Central. This is possible from the convenience of the ServiceDesk Plus solution.


UEM Remote


Here are some of the features possible, when using ServiceDesk Plus alongside UEM Remote Access Plus add-on:

  • Advanced remote control – IT admins can connect to any workstation remotely irrespective of their location, allowing them to troubleshoot seamlessly.
  • Enhanced IT asset discovery – Perform agent-based scans to discover Windows, Linux, and macOS workstations.
  • Streamlined system management – Remotely monitor processes, services, software, users, and more on your organisation’s remote computers.
  • Clear and effective communication – Successfully collaborate with technicians and assist end-users remotely via text, voice, and video chat.

Like to know about the UEM Remote Access Plus add-on?  Learn how to enhance your ServiceDesk Plus solution, by reaching out to the ManageEngine NZ team. Email for more information.

UEM Remote