Fuel your IT growth strategy with AI-driven analytics.

According to ManageEngine’s blog and its 2021 Digital Readiness Survey, over 75% of organisations have increased their use of business analytics to improve decision making.

However, IT service desks and IT operations teams continue to rely on database administrators to provide reports to read, understand, and interpret their IT data. This process takes time and creates dependency on database experts, who may not be proficient in the IT department’s operational tactics. This often means the generated insights are irrelevant or outdated, by the time service desks gain access to it.


Furthermore, these reports might not provide actionable insights, such as those obtained through advanced analytical and interpretive skills gathered from detailed charts, pivots, and dashboards.

“Having worked with the analytics market for over 10 years and in IT for over 19 years, ManageEngine understands the IT analytics market. It demands a reliable, scalable analytics solution that offers meaningful insights faster.” said Rakesh Jayaprakash, Product Manager at ManageEngine

“To meet these demands, we’ve enhanced Zia (service desk bot) to read, interpret and provide actionable insights in the form of digestible narratives. Users can easily understand trends, anomalies, deviations in their data, and get predictions on the future – all by clicking one button. Accessible from every report and dashboard, these automated insights work behind the scenes to give you instant info into things that need your attention right away.”

Simplify data analysis using augmented analytics – ZIA Insights

While earlier users could get reports just by asking or typing in a question, there’s always a need to drill down into reports and view underlying details. Examples include what caused the spike in IT spending, why there is a sudden increase in project backlogs, why are projects not meeting deadlines, etc.

ManageEngine‘s conversational support for Zia, its AI bot, enables users to have meaningful conversations about key metrics and KPIs. Simply ask further questions and refine initial questions by adding further variables and parameters.

Improve strategic decision making with scenario planning – What-if analysis

In order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to make strategic decisions and plans for the future. These decisions are often based on predictive analytics. Although the theory is technically sound, in practice, predictive analysis tends to fall prey to one of these errors – over prediction or under prediction.

Scenario planning manages the errors involved in prediction-based legacy planning systems by factoring in multiple scenarios. Scenario planning equips C-suite executives, IT leaders, and senior staff to prepare fail-safe strategies that work in any given situation.

It also enables them to create robust, yet flexible strategies that adapt quickly to minor revisions during critical situations.

Using scenario planning, users can:

  • Assess the impact of various scenarios on key outcomes.
  • Identify the driving forces in any given situation and develop a range of possible scenarios.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of plans against critical uncertainties.


ManageEngine Analytics Plus is a self-service, IT analytics solution that’s tightly integrated with native ManageEngine’s ITSM and ITOM suite of applications:

  • ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Unified End Point Management and Security solutions.
  • ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • OpManager and Applications Manager.
  • SupportCenter Plus, in addition to out-of-the-box integrations with ServiceNow, Jira Software, Zendesk and commonly used IT databases.

With cross-module analytical capabilities, Analytics Plus helps IT departments gain actionable insights into their entire IT atmosphere, enabling continuous improvement of IT services.

Curious how Analytics Plus works?

Join this upcoming webinar on September 15th at 11am, to see Analytics Plus in action. You’ll learn how to extract data from your various data silos, to get key insights quickly. To learn more about the session click here.

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