I’m still unsure how I feel about the next generation of the Marvel movie franchise. The last set of movies ended powerfully, with one of the largest gross revenues to date. Without spoiling too much, a key point to the final movie (End Game) involved a special pager used to call for help when reality was facing a dire threat. The page was critically important, because it called for backup to assist the Avengers’ team. I imagine things would have gone very differently had it not been available. Paging is also important for organisations today, especially for urgent announcements.

Grandstream have a new set of paging speakers launching at the end of October. The GSC speaker series will have 2 speakers initially. One offers 1-way paging and the other offers 2-way communication between speakers. These can work with an existing PBX system and are a fantastic fit for offices, hospitality, schools and wherever paging is needed. In the past, most offerings consisted of an analogue horn or bell that had to be wired into a paging amplifier to enable announcements. This had the disadvantage of being cumbersome to set up and only allowed for 1-way audio. The GSC series is a fantastic fit for adding paging to systems as well as for replacing older paging systems of lesser quality. This is critically important for the likes of schools that have new lockdown requirements with system announcements.

The new GSC series feature an acoustic echo chamber that enables advanced audio quality.  The GSC3510 includes an advanced microphone that can pick up sound clearly from up to 4.2 meters away. Both the GSC3505 and GSC3510 are WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.  This allows for easy range with existing wireless networks. This in turn, means fewer cables deployed across sites. As well as wireless capabilities, it includes PoE for easy deployment. The GSC3510 also features a 2 pin output that can be connected to peripherals such as call buttons. Both devices support SIP and Multicast. We are very excited to get a demo unit to review it for our reseller partners. We will also have demo stock available when these are in house. Interested in its capabilities? Drop us a line (sales@sofsol.co.nz) and let us know!

Paging and what the Marvel cinematic universe taught us about it